Steelers best Cardinals in PYO play

PYO Steelers 33 vs PYO Cardinals 12

First blood was drawn by the Parkville Youth Organization Cardinals early in the first half of the Steeler/Cardinal confrontation. Quarterback Johnny “Day Light” Nisbet took the snap and faked to the right then charged to the left and ran 25 yards for the first touchdown of the game. He had some fierce protection from Aiden Farley, David Rosales and Daniel Licata on the Cardinal offense.

The Steelers put their act together and quarterback Dylan “Postman” Bove hit the boards with vengeance with a 15-yard touchdown run. They took the lead by faking a hand-off and took it in for the point after.

Before the half was over, Julien Delacruz recovered a Cardinal fumble, setting Bove for another TD run. This time, A.J. Perez scored the point after. At the end of the half, the Steelers were on top of a 14-6 ball game.

After a powerful run by “The Postman,” Nisbet made an awesome interception, giving the Cardinals another shot in carrying the ball. On the next Cardinal play, Nisbet broke through the Steelers’ line and battled his way 35 yards to score again.

Unfortunately, it was all over but the shouting for the Cardinals. Bove immediately entered sacred ground for six points for the Steelers, making it 28 to 12, Steelers.

The Cardinals had lost an opportunity when they fumbled and Matthew Velez made the recovery for the Steelers. This set Joshua Lall up for a touchdown. Jack Lally then pushed his way over for the extra point with the help from Jonny “Iron Fist” Santiago, Joseph Negron, Delacruz and Steven “Undertaker” Navarro. The contest ended with the Steelers on the sunny side of a 33 -12 final.

Photo courtesy of Bob Cavaliere
Photo courtesy of Bob Cavaliere

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