Street Talk: Are you still experiencing impacts from Superstorm Sandy?


Are you still experiencing impacts from Superstorm Sandy?

I’ve only felt an impact through the different subway repairs. I live in Bay Ridge and luckily we were not hit very hard.

Dave B.
Bay Ridge

Not really, since I lived in a part of Brooklyn that wasn’t affected. There was some damage in the basement of my apartment building. But there was no building or electrical damage.

Harry S.
Bay Ridge

My boat got trashed in Staten Island, but other than that, it hasn’t been too bad for me.

Warren L.
Bay Ridge

Before Sandy, my daughter and I used to go to Coney Island all the time. But we haven’t been since. It’s been too depressing. We want to go back since it’s been repaired. It was a scary night though.

Bob H.
Bay Ridge

I was unaffected here in Brooklyn. It was like it never happened. Since then, we moved to Staten Island and my main concern was that the house was high enough and in non-flood zone.

Robert S.
Staten Island

Not really even though I live in Staten Island. Fortunately we weren’t in a flood zone. I think most people have recovered but there are few that are still struggling.

Wilson Q.
Bay Ridge

Out here, there was no real impact except having a few trees falling down. But I know there are people in Breezy Point and Staten Island that are still suffering and that’s sad.

Joe O.
Bay Ridge

We live in Bay Ridge so nothing bad happened. But I have a friend from the Jersey that just finished repairing his house.

Arthur C.
Bay Ridge


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