Treyger to host pet adoption with his own pups in mind

Coney Island Councilmember Mark Treyger is all about paying it forward and, on Sunday, November 9 will host a pet adoption in partnership with Sean Casey Animal Rescue, with two of his own pint-sized family members in mind.

“A couple of years back, my wife’s dog passed away and we decided, as opposed to just purchasing a new one, we should make a commitment to rescue an animal,” explained Treyger of his and his wife Christine’s decision to adopt Bella – a teeny, tiny Yorkshire Terrier that suffered from kennel cough and pneumonia – from Sean Casey Animal Rescue.

“There are so many animals in shelters and in rescue places in need of a home, and Bella was so lovable,” he said, “but most importantly, when you’re saving an animal from an animal rescue, you’re actually saving two animals. We saved Bella, and made room for another rescue.”

It didn’t end with Bella, he said.

“We actually ended up wanting Bella to have a friend,” Treyger said of the couple’s decision to go ahead and adopt a second Yorkie, Bashful, from the very same shelter. “Bashful was in a house filled with many, many animals – Bella was left tied to a building in the middle of the winter – but Bashful was very, very malnourished and now, since we’ve rescued him, I can tell you that Bashful is pleasantly plump.”

With Bella and Bashful in mind, Treyger and his staff will take to his Stillwell Avenue office (2015 Stillwell Avenue) to host an on-the-spot pet adoption.

“I really believe that this is one of the nicest things that people can do,” said the local pol. “We care for our families so we should care for our pets just the same.”

Grateful to get the opportunity to team up with Sean Casey, Treyger is very much looking forward to the on-site adoption.

“This is a very nice community event and I truly hope that people who have room for one – or even one more – animal can come on down and take a look,” he said.

Dog adoption fees are $308.50 and cat adoption fees are $125. Please come prepared with personal references and, if you have previously owned a pet, a vet reference.

For more information on Treyger’s pet adoption, please contact Jeannine Cherichetti at 718-307-7151.

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