Cops nab burglars on subway platform

Got ‘em!

Two 68th Precinct cops were in the spotlight at the November meeting of the precinct community council as Cops of the Month, thanks to a top-notch collar.

On October 29, at around 10 p.m., Police Officer Dwayne Hodge and Police Officer Mikeljan Agolli responded to a report of a house break-in, Captain Ray Festino, the commanding officer of the 68th Precinct, told community council members.

The alleged perps, two black males and two black females, who had come to Bay Ridge from the 71st Precinct in central Brooklyn, apparently thought the house was empty, said Festino. However, he went on, an 86-year-old woman and her daughter were at home.

The alleged burglars “got spooked and grabbed a whole bunch of jewelry and ran out,” Festino went on, whereupon the victims called 911, which “put the description out.

“Everyone was going to the scene,” Festino continued. “These two officers went down to the train station” despite the fact that they had no radio reception down there.

There, Festino went on, “They saw people matching the description [of the burglars],” who actually had the bags of jewelry in their possession.

The officers brought the suspects upstairs and took three of them into custody. At that point, said Festino, “A fight ensued, and one perp threw a hammer” at one of the officers, “shattering his kneecap.”

Nonetheless, the duo successfully arrested the fourth suspect as well, said Festino, who called the arrest, “A great piece of police work.”

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