Holy Cross Outreach Center hosts first-ever fundraiser

The Holy Cross of Brooklyn Outreach Center, a non-profit organization serving people in need, hosted its first fundraiser for the community last month at Casa Calamari on Third Avenue.

The organization’s goal is to provide help and hope to individuals, by preserving and improving their physical, social and economic well-being, according to Maria Vasaka-Monioudis, president of the Outreach Center. The work is holistic, addressing the needs of the whole person, including spiritual needs, she said.

Delighted with the outpouring of support from the community, Vasaka-Monioudis explained, “The Holy Cross Brooklyn Outreach Center relies on people’s generosity to pursue our programs; we need volunteers to help shop supplies, pick up and sort donations, prepare food, package goods and serve food.”

The charitable organization has also been organizing monthly Midnight Runs to feed the homeless since 2008. After Hurricane Sandy hit, its volunteers had caravans of supplies and food delivered every weekend to the areas most in need.

Vasaka-Monioudis summed up, “We have an obligation as a community to help one another when needed.”

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