Pols look to fund bullet-proof windows for cop cars

Just one day after the ambush-style killing of police officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, a group of Republican state legislators began drafting a bill that would require all police vehicles to have bullet-proof glass.

The legislation – proposed by State Senators Marty Golden and Phil Boyle, and Assemblymembers Nicole Malliotakis and Jim Tedisco – would provide the equipment utilizing the state’s current $5 billion surplus.

“The murder of Officers Liu and Ramos is an absolute tragedy and we must do all we can to prevent another one from occurring,” noted Malliotakis. “Bulletproof windows is one common sense and appropriate step in ensuring our police officers have the protection they need and deserve as they risk their lives to serve and protect our communities. In the future, bulletproof windows may prevent senseless assassinations of New York’s finest.”

Golden, a retired New York City Police Officer, agreed.

“We provide police offers with bulletproof vests to protect them when they are on the streets patrolling,” he said, recalling his time on the force and the bone-chilling fear that washes over officers during a shoot-out. “We should give them equal protection when they are in their patrol cars. This bill accomplishes that goal.”

That bill, he said, is only one of many preventative measures he hopes the city and state will take for better safety, not just for law enforcement, but also for civilians.

“We are looking at hosting committee meetings in the beginning of January to look at, ‘What can we do for our officers?’ be it additional training, the right equipment,” he said, calling this legislature and those to come a roadmap. “What do they need to keep doing what they do, and do it safely?”

Local residents responded to the proposal to add bullet-proof glass to squad cars.

“If banks can have bullet-proof glass, then so should cop cars,” noted Ridgeite Michael Pasipanki. “I’m honestly surprised they didn’t already have them.”

“I don’t think that bulletproof glass is the solution,” said Theresa S, equating the legislature to more of a “Band-Aid” approach than a permanent solution. “I think better relations between the NYPD and civilians is the right answer.”

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