Unsung Bay Ridge: A quiet activist


This week I have chosen to highlight the community service of a man who has quietly volunteered his time and resources for decades without ever seeking recognition. Stephen Maresca is a hard-working individual who has helped many behind the scenes, often donating his services as a financial counselor to not-for-profit organizations within our neighborhood.

He is a graduate of Xaverian High School, and has assisted in many of their fundraisers. He is active in the Dyker Heights Civic Association, and spends his spare time working on activities for his parish, Our Lady of Angels.

Stephen also works with our local community leaders on projects that benefit Bay Ridge. He is a devoted son to his dad, Gus, and he is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever needed.  Our community is proud to have residents such as Stephen.


Congratulations to Meaghan McGoldrick on being named Reporter of the Year by the Home Reporter and Spectator newspapers. Meaghan is my young cousin,  and I am delighted that her dedication and hard work have been recognized. We are proud of you, Meaghan.

A very happy birthday to a very special young man, Matthew Clavin, a son and director of  one of our Bay Ridge institutions; the Clavin Funeral Home. We join his proud parents, Peter and Mary, in wishing him a wonderful year.

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