Beating Cancer in Heels: We all need self help so get over it!

If you are walking into my apartment, you would think a self help book exploded in it. I have inspirational quotes posted on almost every wall, followed by vision boards.

Heck, I even have guests write inspirational words on my bathroom walls.  Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer, I just can’t get enough self-help. I never know when a bad day will come and what I learned from having a father-in-law enforcement is that you should always prepare for the worst-case scenario.

I can’t express to you how much it helps to remind yourself how vital it is to get out of your down moments. As survivors, we learn to do exactly that, survive.

Some learn not only to survive but to thrive through it all and you, my Coachee, can do just that. You do that by how you live. So I ask you, are you happy with the way you are living?

I am not asking if you have accomplished all your goals or checked off all the action plans on your bucket list. I am asking if you are happy with the core of who you are.

Are you saying what you want to say? Do you allow yourself to have peace? Do you allow your personality to be fully exposed? Do you accept who you are? Do you love yourself?

I work on myself constantly because I am aware that I am not perfect and that no one else is. My aim is to be happy with who I am and work on being better, but what does that mean?

For me, it means forgiving myself more, pushing myself to achieve my goals, not to be my worst enemy and be more of my own best friend.  My struggle determines where I go and look for help.

We all have areas in life we have to work on, whether we like to admit it or not. To seek out help is not a form of weakness; it’s a form of power, a power that you possess that will take you to the next level of your life, the level that you wanted. Don’t let pride get in the way of that.

Reading this article is power, taking what you learned and putting it into action is a step in the right direction, and the rest is up to you. How you go about staying focused and driven is how you will get to your final destination. You have it in you and I am here to help!

Ask yourself:

How do I want to help myself?

What areas do I want to work on?

What worked for me in the past?

What didn’t work?

How would it benefit the people I love?

Life Coach tip: Envision yourself working on yourself and pay attention to how the end result makes you feel.

Empowerment: Every process has its ups and downs but without trying you will never get to experience the ups

Calming sentence of the week: Actually, I can!

That’s it for today, Coachee! Stay tuned for more tips and stories from your Life Coach Marlena!

Have someone holding you accountable will help you achieve your 2015 goals and much more!

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