Residents bare their concerns over adult novelty store near library

Parents in Marine Park and other nearby southern Brooklyn neighborhoods are being rubbed the wrong way by an adult novelty store that has set up shop on the same street as the Flatlands branch of the Brooklyn Public Library within eyeshot of their children.

Sexy Wonders Adult Boutique, 2073 Flatbush Avenue, offers a wide variety of adult toys, romance enhancers, adult costumes, lingerie and gifts, riling up local community representatives like Councilmembers Jumaane Williams and Alan Maisel, whose districts both border the shop.

In a joint statement released on January 15, the councilmembers said they are “concerned that the adult novelty store has not used the necessary discretion needed in this community.

“Flatbush Avenue is a street our youth walk down every day to visit the library which hosts a number of after-school programs and daytime toddler events,” the pair said in the statement. “While the establishment is within their legal right to conduct business, it is our hope that the owner is sensitive to the children and families that will pass by their windows every day.”

The location of the shop, which formerly housed God’s Time Beauty Supply, is within a block of St. Thomas Aquinas Church and Midwood Catholic Academy—a private school serving grades pre-k through eight.

“It’s a very residential neighborhood next to a Catholic school,” said Angela Lazaro, a Marine Park resident of 35 years. “I don’t believe that it needs to be in a residential area where there are kids walking to school. There’s no room for another sex shop on Flatbush.”

Lazaro is referring to an existing adult shop which opened in 2009 on Flatbush Avenue between Fillmore Avenue and Avenue S, called Nilwala Two Video. The store, that sells “all kinds of videos, DVDs and novelties,” according to its awning, also operates within one block of a school – P.S. 207 on Fillmore Avenue.

“I personally was unaware that an adult novelty store was opening, particularly across the street from a library which is frequented by young, impressionable people,” said Saul Needle, chairperson of Community Board 18. “I’m sure that the community will take whatever steps necessary to help alleviate or remove this condition.”

The councilmembers have requested a meeting with Sexy Wonders’ owner to address the issue which they feel is one of “discretion and “public safety.

“For now, parents should be mindful of the establishment to ensure their children are not exposed to themes they do not find appropriate,” the councilmembers said.

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