Enjoy a side of schmooze with your Chinese food as former beep plays maître d’

Come to Sunset Park to dine and be seated by, and possibly served wine by, former Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz!

As part of NYC & Company’s Neighborhood x Neighborhood program—a series of events held to introduce tourists to a new neighborhood each month — Markowitz, vice president of engagement and promotion at the tourism agency, will play maître d’ for a night on February 17 at Pacificana restaurant, 813 55th Street.

February was chosen as the best time to highlight Sunset Park because Lunar New Year festivities will be in full swing, and Markowitz could not be more excited about it.
“[The program] is really promoting to tourists nationally and internationally that are coming to New York City or thinking about it, or even our own residents of course,” said Markowitz. “Over at Pacificana, I will be escorting you to your table. If you insist, I will serve you wine, as long as you hold me harmless in case I miss the glass, and generally just schmooze. I think it will be very exciting.”

According to NYC & Company, programs like Neighborhood x Neighborhood help rake in $3.5 billion in tax revenue every year for New York City thanks to the tourism dollars spent. Overall, the citywide economic impact of tourism is $60 billion annually, according to NYC & Company.

“The purpose of Neighborhood x Neighborhood is to move tourists that come into New York not just to midtown Manhattan, but to have them experience my beloved Brooklyn or the other boroughs which all have something unique to offer a visitor,” added Markowitz. “I’m hoping that residents and activists in Sunset Park and Bay Ridge will join me and celebrate the Chinese New Year.”

Markowitz will be seating patrons at Pacificana beginning at 6:30 p.m. on the 17th. To reserve a table, call the restaurant at 718-871-2880.

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