Douglas Dunn presents world premiere of “Aidos” at BAM

For the first time, world renowned Douglas Dunn and Dancers are bringing his unique vision to BAM Fisher Theater, with the premiere of “Aidos, “ which portrays the Greek Goddess of shame as a split personality, performed by Jin Ju Song-Begin and Jessica Martineau.

One of the motivating factors for Dunn to create the production was the Brooklyn theater. “(Aidos) is a dark piece that is inspired by the BAM Fisher Theater. It feels like an arena in hell. I saw a show there a year ago and it inspired me,” he said. “It wasn’t only because of the venue’s darkness but also because it’s quite large. Like a football field, there’s a lot of open space.”

The entire self-produced piece is choreographed by Dunn, who formed Douglas and Dancers in 1976 and has toured the world since. But, there’s a lot of backup to make the production come alive. Bach Cello Suites will be performed by Ha-Yang Kim. Andrew Jordan is on design while Carol Mullins will operate lights. “Aidos” also features nine dancers.

“It’s a strong team,” said Dunn. “We have been working on the project for over six months.”

Along with creating “Aidos,” the 73-year-old Dunn is excited to accept dancing duties during the production. “I dance in three of the different sections and I really have to dance a lot,” he said. “It’s quite a challenge.”

In addition to Dunn, Song-Begin and Martineau, the production will feature performances by Jules Bakshi, Alexandra Berger, Emily Pope-Blackman, Paul Singh, Jake Szczypek, and Timothy Ward

Throughout his career, Dunn explained that his inspiration has come from American dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham. “I come from the Cunningham movement where there is a variety of movement like jumping,” Dunn explained. “There’s a degree of elegance in his work.” Cunningham’s work is expected to influence the production.

Throughout the rehearsal process, Dunn has been pleased with the effort the talent has put forth. “We’ve been great and on schedule. Thankfully nobody has gotten hurt or sick, especially this time of year,” he said. “It’s been fantastic. Nowadays, it can be complicated. But they’ve all brought their own energy.”

The cast and crew have already held a rehearsal for friends and guests. “It was good for dancers to be watched a bit,” Dunn noted. “It went very well and the dancers were focused and had fun.”

Although longtime Dunn fans are expected to attend the shows, the founder also hopes to attract a newer audience during his first production at BAM. “This is a new venture. We are doing lots of advertising. We’re trying to get a younger audience in Brooklyn.”

“Aidos” will be at BAM Fisher, 321 Ashland Place, from Wednesday February 11 through Sunday, February 15. Performances will take place each evening at 8 p.m. During the weekend, 3 p.m. shows will be added to the schedule. Tickets are $20.

To purchase tickets, visit www.brownpaperticket/event/1040421, call 866-620-7509 or visit the BAM box office during the week of the show.

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