62nd Precinct officer nabs Cop of Month award again

In the wake of a major drug bust, the 62nd Precinct Community Council awarded Cop of the Month honors to Police Officer Christopher Santiago at its monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 17.

A member of the precinct’s Anti-Crime Team, Santiago – receiving Cop of the Month for the third time in 18 months – scored the award for an arrest that arose out of a double-parked vehicle. After the car’s driver saw cops approaching to ticket him and took off, Santiago was one of the officers in pursuit.

With a marijuana cigar alight on the vehicle’s center console, Santiago had originally arrested the driver for marijuana possession, later finding $3,500 cash and three bags of crack upon an inventory search. However, with the car’s ignition off, he also heard a buzzing sound and observed bags of crack cocaine stored behind the car radio.

After obtaining a search warrant from the district attorney’s office, cops removed the radio and vents, leading to the discovery of 131 bags of crack, 410 heroin bags, two cell phones, $977 cash and a loaded .45 caliber firearm.

The suspect was charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Sell and Criminal Possession of Marijuana.

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