Cop Of The Month

Bay Ridge — Cops of the Month honored for taking gun off the street

Bay Ridge — Ridge Cops honored for nabbing suspected flasher

Bath Beach — Compassion highlighted as 62nd Precinct honors March Cops of the Month

Bay Ridge — Local cop in the spotlight for gun arrest

Gravesend — Large drug bust in Gravesend nets cops kudos

Bensonhurst — 62nd Precinct officers dubbed cops of the month for saving local woman from suicide attempt

Bay Ridge — Kudos to Ridge cop for key collar during robbery of Pizzeria Uno

Bensonhurst — Four 62nd Precinct officers presented with Cop of the Month honors

Sunset Park — Officer who catches two perps after subway robbery earns Cop of the Month

Bay Ridge — May Cop of the Month helped take random shooter off streets of Dyker

Bensonhurst — 62 Anti-Crime Team honored as Cops of the Month

Bay Ridge — 68th Precinct cops, auxiliaries score cop of the month honors