Star of Brooklyn: Josephine Ghorra

Josephine Ghorra
St. Anselm’s Academy Home School Association

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: An integral part of the St. Anselm’s family, Josephine Ghorra, fundraising expert, youth activities coordinator and mother of four children who attend the school, is always on the brink of something that will help.

“I’m always there,” said Ghorra about her time spent at and doing things for St. Anselm’s. “I volunteer, I’m always doing something, and I’m always willing to be there to help out and be with the kids and do whatever I can do.”

Running the fundraiser for St. Anselm’s Ladies Night Extravaganza and the Halloween Party for youth activities, among many other undertakings, are just a few of Ghorra’s responsibilities with St. Anselm’s Home School Association.

MOTIVATION: Ghorra says, among other motivations, that her husband, Ted Ghorra – a life-long Bay Ridge resident – continues to push her enthusiastically to continue to do her best work in the community.

“I believe that the biggest motivation that I have is the enthusiasm that my husband shows,” said Ghorra. “He’s the one that pushes me. His enthusiasm keeps me volunteering and doing for the community.”

CAREER/DAY JOB: Before her work with St. Anselm’s and before she became a mom, Ghorra was an educator herself and was a third grade teacher for seven years and a fifth grade teacher for one at a public school in Staten Island.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “The biggest challenge for the volunteer is to get everybody involved and trying to reach outstanding goals for the school,” said Ghorra.

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT: Ghorra’s biggest achievements in her efforts with St. Anselm’s have been “bringing back ladies night” and “raising money for the school.”

She also said that trying to reach out to people that used to be involved with St. Anselm’s and getting them to participate and get excited about the school, has helped her reach a “top goal” and “bring people back to the community.”

Ghorra was even presented with a “Hidden Treasure” service award from the Bay Ridge Community Council for work with St. Anselm’s.

PERSONAL LIFE: Ghorra enjoys spending “family time” with those close to her. She is also involved with her children’s sports teams, labeling herself their “biggest cheerleader.”

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