Golden hosts informative annual Senior Fair

State Senator Marty Golden hosted his annual senior fair on Thursday, May 14 at St. Patrick’s Auditorium, 9511 Fourth Avenue. The event included lunch, live music and a wealth of information for seniors from agencies such as the MTA, the Social Security Administration and more.

“We got a great turnout here today and I want to thank everyone for coming out and spending time with your community and getting an opportunity to see all of these agencies and organizations that help our seniors throughout the year,” said Golden.

The FDNY was in attendance to educate seniors on fire safety. “When you get these many seniors in one place, we talk about fire safety,” said Lieutenant John Fiumano. “We’re going to give them a book and we also, if they need it, give them a smoke detector and tell them where to put it and how to change the batteries.” The booth distributed up to 250 smoke detectors that include 10-year lithium batteries. “Hopefully everyone will be a lot safer than when we came.”

Representatives of the Norwegian Christian Home and Health Center were also in attendance. “It’s been wonderful. There’s been a lot of interest,” said Chairperson of the Board of Directors George Jenson. “We’re giving out brochures on services we provide, such as skilled nursing, assisted living, outpatient rehab and occupational therapy.”

“It is going fantastic. All the information that we had for seniors has disappeared from the table so there’s going to be well-educated seniors. It’s very helpful,” said Peter Killen, executive director of the Brooklyn Consumer Federation. “We have all sorts of good information on scams, who the elected officials are, how to get your credit reports.”

Social workers from Shore Hill Housing also witnessed lots of interest from seniors. “We offer a medical clinic and a physical rehabilitation center. We also have a Seniors in Touch program,” said social worker Sabrina W. “We’ve seen lots of people interested in our programs. “

Golden addressed some of the issues seniors face and how to fix them. “To see some of the living conditions of some of our seniors is not right, unfair and we need to correct that,” he said. He also mentioned scam awareness and money being allocated for elderly abuse.

Attendees applauded the good time that they had during the event. “It’s been very informative. We come all the time,” said attendee Theresa Deady.

State Senator Marty Golden greets attendees at the annual Senior Fair.
State Senator Marty Golden greets attendees at the annual Senior Fair.

BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Jaime DeJesus


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