Ladies lead in real estate listings for Brownstone Brooklyn

Let’s hear it for the ladies.

100 percent of all residential listings within the $500,000 to $999,999 range in Brownstone Brooklyn were represented by female brokers or teams led by women, a new report by Ideal Properties Group (IPG) shows.

The Gender Report: Women Selling Brooklyn takes an analytical look at the breakdown of residential properties listed in Brownstone Brooklyn based on the gender of the broker.

According to the report, – conducted based on a snapshot sample of 729 listings marketed for sale from April 1 through April 15, 2015 – women led in four out of five asset classes including the $3 million and above listings, beating out male brokers 54 to 46 percent. Women also led 54 to 46 percent in the $1 million to $1,499,999 range and 57 to 43 percent in the $1.5 million to $2,999,999 category. Male brokers took the lead (78 to 22 percent) in the $1 to $499,999 listing range.

“The fact that females are increasingly the backbone of the real estate brokerage world has slowly but surely come to light in the past few years,” said Aleksandra Scepanovic, managing director of IPG. “With the findings in this report, it is safe to say that we have proven that women are not just shattering the glass ceiling but we have effortlessly debunked a general misconception that male superiority exists. Real estate brokerages welcome other industries in New York City to follow our lead.”

The property types analyzed in the report included individual co-ops and condo units, and one to three-family townhouses in Brownstone Brooklyn – neighborhoods that include Clinton Hill, Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Fort Greene, Carroll Gardens, Greenwood Heights, Red hook, Windsor Terrace, Columbia Waterfront District, Downtown, Prospect Heights, Gowanus, Park Slope, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and East Williamsburg.

According to IPG, the research was conducted in April because it is “traditionally the most dynamic month [for] real estate sales in the area.”

“As our researchers set off to gain deeper knowledge of the gender workings of the industry, they have found statistics effortlessly debunking a prevalent myth,” added Scepanovic. “It is official: residential properties in Brownstone Brooklyn are a female broker’s sphere of expertise.”

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