Researchers honored by Maimonides Medical Center

Cocktails, dinner and a celebration of medical research were on deck as Maimonides Medical Center held its Second Annual Evening of Research on Wednesday, April 29 at the Dyker Beach Golf Club, 1030 86th Street.

The evening specifically recognized the strides made by the center’s residents, Fellows and Nurses as research award finalists provided platform presentations, with poster presentations also on display.

Dr. Hector Vazquez, assistant fellowship director in Maimonides’ emergency medicine division, was heavily involved in the mentoring of the researchers and spoke highly of the event.

“There was a great opportunity for [the researchers] to show off and demonstrate the research that Maimonides has been producing,” said Vazquez. “I think over the years, we’ve been increasing the amount of research coming out of our institution and we’ve been trying to give it more importance and so this is how we honor our nurses.”

Vazquez mentioned that there were a lot of submitted abstracts on a variety of interesting medical topics, making it “a great opportunity for all of the students to get together to talk about it.”

“Given that we’re putting more emphasis on research and we work with such an interesting diverse cultural community, it’s important that we answer the sort of questions that address the minority immigrants and I think this is our path to having a better path in that direction,” said Vazquez. “We’re looking forward to it again next year. It’s an exciting time for all of us.”

BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Arthur de Gaeta

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