Shore Road sinkholes to hopefully see repairs

Signed, sealed, and (hopefully) delivered.

Parks Department representatives are working on long-term solutions for the slew of sinkholes turning Shore Road into an eyesore, Community Board 10 discussed in a meeting on Thursday, May 14.

The long-standing issues with the holes along Shore Road date back to 2005, explained Josephine Beckmann, district manager of CB 10.

“It’s been a vulnerable area in the past,” said Beckmann. “Back in 2005 there was an emergency declaration, the area [received] emergency funding and, following Superstorm Sandy, we were worried. I’d like to contribute a lot of it to the storm surges in the area.”

According to Beckmann, the Parks Department has secured the area, marking each sinkhole with a bright, orange cone and discussing possible short and long-term solutions for the area.

“We’re looking at long term plans,” said Brooklyn Parks Chief of Staff Marty Maher. “There’s no funding to rebuild or anything like that, so we’re looking at some things we can do in the relatively quick future with the resources we have. Our engineers have been looking at it [and] a team was just out [there] recently looking at it for the long haul.”

“It’s our treasure,” Beckmann said of the promenade. “We have great park land but when we lost it to those massive cave-ins, we had to get to an emergency level before we got money. We hope to avoid that this time around and do as much preventative as we can.”

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