Cop honored for arresting armed robbery suspect

A man cops say is connected to at least 10 armed robberies was apprehended by the 72nd Precinct, with Police Officer Wilkis Cespedes awarded Cop of the Month honors during the June 72nd Precinct Community Council meeting for arresting the suspect.

According to Captain Tommy Ng, the precinct commander, on Thursday, May 8 at approximately 2:30 a.m., as a man put his key into the front door of his home on 56th Street and Eighth Avenue, he was approached by the alleged perp, a 24-year-old Asian male, who displayed a firearm and asked for his money.

“Officer Cespedes and the Civilian Observation Patrol saw the male running down the street with the firearm in his hand,” said Ng. “He and his partner that day, Officer de los Santos, gave chase around the block. The perp then dropped the firearm and the officers were able to apprehend the individual.”

According to Ng, after conducting interviews and taking pictures, cops were able to connect the suspect to several robberies in the area. “He’s actually responsible for 10 armed robberies, from commercial stores to people walking down the street,” Ng said. “The case is currently in King’s County Court now and he’s being held on $250,000 bail. The district attorney actually offered him a minimum sentence of 15 years (in prison).”

Ng held a press conference on May 8 at the 72nd Precinct to announce the arrest, and he explained at the time that the precinct had been able to connect the suspect to numerous cases, including some from 2014.

“At this time, we believe that this individual was involved with numerous robberies, 10 at least,” Ng said during the conference. “He has been terrorizing the community, robbing people for a good 10 months.”

The community council meeting was held at Holy Name Church, 245 Prospect Park West.


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