Cyclone staff “ambush” 78th Precinct teams for MCU Park game

There was no question that it was a complete surprise to the members of the 9-10 year old Cub Division of the Blue Birds and Golden Eagles of the 78th Precinct Little League when Cyclone host King Henry stepped off a bus in front of the “Dust Bowl” (Eighth Avenue and 65th Street) and announced that he was moving the evening’s game to Coney Island at MCU Park.

In an event labeled as “Ambush Baseball,” the Cyclone staff teamed up with the Lever Corporation as Dove Men Plus Care products sponsored the game as a prelude to Father’s Day. “It’s all about good grooming and reminding everyone that dad is strong,” said Dove representative Ann Marie Hardoby.

As the Dove video cameras rolled to document the evening, the crew captured both teams racing off the bus into MCU Park to the cheers of a waiting group of family and friends. Once inside, each team entered its locker room to find the members’ names on lockers along with Cyclone and Dove-sponsored “Ambush Baseball” jerseys and caps.

“The kids really had no idea what was happening until they saw the stadium; then they went crazy,” said Golden Eagle coach Adam Kurzawa.

“You should have seen them; they were amazed and confused at the same time,” added Blue Bird coach Dave Gluck.

“We wanted to give the kids a real baseball experience just like a Cyclone game,” said Cyclones Director of Communications Billy Harner, who explained, before the game, “The kids will have their name announced when they come to bat and have their photo shown on the scoreboard between the innings.”

Although the Blue Birds overwhelmingly outscored the Golden Eagles for the win, Henry Kurzawa from the losing team still came away with a memorable experience. “This was a real surprise. We had fun here tonight. The field is so big where the Cyclones play,” said the wide-eyed Golden Eagle catcher.

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