Free books to be gifted to universal pre-k students

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña announced on Thursday, June 25 a book giveaway program for all four-year-olds enrolled in free, high quality pre-K programs across the city.

The free package – which includes five books (each selected based on its ability to support families’ transition from pre-K to Kindergarten), supplementary activities and a letter from Fariña – will go to students participating in the premiere year of Pre-K for All.

“We know that children learn about 1,000 to 5,000 new words during pre-K,” said Fariña. “The ability for children to effectively express themselves is vital to their social and intellectual development. To ensure that our youngest learners maintain and build on that process during the summer before kindergarten, we are providing resources to families to nourish and encourage their children’s reading skills.”

“Imparting a love for learning early in a child’s life, at the time when the brains are expanding and their curiosity is peaking, is critical to maximizing their opportunity for future academic achievement,” echoed Borough President Eric Adams. “Putting a book in a four-year-old’s hands increases the chances that they will be holding a Dean’s List letter at age 14 and a graduate school diploma at age 24.”

According to the chancellor’s office, students in both full-day and half-day programs will receive the books, in addition to children enrolled in integrated special education settings and District 75 programs.

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