OLA taps local talent for wrestling fundraiser

Wrestling fans got to see another episode of “Good vs. Evil” on Friday night, June 5 at Our Lady of Angels gym as Monsignor Kevin Noone hosted an Eastern Coast Professional Wrestling (ECPW) fundraiser for needed church repairs.

“This is our third annual wrestling fundraiser,” said event organizer Arnie Fusco who is an OLA assistant pastor and a school board member. “Right now our priority is fixing the roof and the tower, and this fundraiser is just the beginning to raise that money.”

After an evening of seven preliminary matches, the table was set for the evening’s much-anticipated final triple tag team match with Disrespectful, Jackson Finest and Prince Akkanatan wrestling against a veteran wrestling professional and two Brooklyn locals.

Entering the ring to the cheers of local supporters, former WWF wrestling star Bushwacker Luke Williams led the way for his tag team partners Tony “The Beast” Biello from Bensonhurst and Ben Benedetto from Bay Ridge known as “The White Buffalo.”

The Bushwacker opened the feature match with continuous body slams to soften up his opponent and tagged off to Biella to keep up the pressure. After wearing down his opponent, Biella tagged off to Benedetto who was then repeatedly pummeled on the mat by Jackson Finest.

Scraping himself up from the mat, Benedetto rallied back to tag off to the Bushwacker who put the final three-count takedown on Prince Akkanatan to win the triple tag team match.

After the match, Bushwacker Luke celebrated with a victory lap as he led fans around the ring like the Piped Piper with his trademark high stepping swing-arm march.  “I’m always glad to help out this church for their fundraising needs,” said Tony Biella, who recently joined the NYPD in Manhattan’s Midtown South Precinct. “This is my way of giving back to the community.”


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