Reaching-Out helps fill plates with annual dinner benefit

Filling empty plates one event at a time, non-profit Reaching-Out Community Service did its own reaching out in its attempt to end hunger around the community, this time with the help of its Seventh Annual Dinner Benefit on Wednesday, May 13 at Gargiulo’s Restaurant, 911 West 15th Street.

“The Dinner Gala brings hunger awareness and it serve as a fundraiser as well for us,” said Reaching-Out Founder Tom Neve. “It’s an event that enables us to recognize altruistic members in community. It was a pleasure to honor some wonderful individuals and organizations that night.”

Among the honorees was The Verrazano Rotary Club, which had donated $5,000 for the event as well as announcing that it will donate $1,000 each month to help neighbors in need. “They’re wonderful group does wonderful things in community as well as being helpful to our organization,” lauded Neve.

Other contributors and honorees included CPEX Real Estate, Northfield Bank Foundation, Ben Bay Kiwanis Foundation and Democratic District Leader Dilia Schack.

“These people do great things for other people and are supportive of our mission,” said Neve. “It’s great when we focus on the local community and here at home provide for the needy.”

Ten-year-old Preston Ferraiuolo was also awarded for his contribution. “He’s done wonderful things and is somebody we were impressed by so we wanted to honor him,” noted Neve.

According to Reaching-Out, attendance was lower than at past events. “It was less than last year,” Neve admitted. “Unfortunately, it seems that that the economy is still affecting the friends of Reaching-Out.”

Despite the lower attendance, the night, which also included food, music and raffles, was considered a success. “We had a good time. We know that Rotary Cub made a commitment that they’re going to be giving $1,000 a month to help the organization. We are very thankful for that,” Neve said. “It was nice having everyone come together again to help keep good going.”

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