Third time’s a charm as piano comes to Sunset Park

Sing us a song, Mr. Piano Man!

For two weeks, Sunset Park, between 41st and 44th Street between Fifth and Seventh Avenues, will display a piano for children that incorporates unique art.

As part of Sing for Hope, a non-profit organization focused on making the arts more accessible, the neighborhood is home to one of 50 pianos making two-week guest appearances throughout the five boroughs between June 5 and June 21. This year marks the third time Sing for Hope has placed a piano in Sunset as part of its annual event, with the Sunset Park Business Improvement District as sponsor.

The piano will give kids the opportunity to play and learn about the arts.

“There are many children that want to play on a piano, but don’t have one at home. So for these two weeks, they will have a place to do so at our park,” said Renee Giordano, executive director of the BID. “Music is an international language and every culture has it. Last year, lots of children had fun on it. Some of them already knew how to play. Others try to learn.”

An artist designs the exterior of each piano with colors, themes and drawings. Sunset Park’s piano was designed by artist, Zi Zi. Her piano’s themes are peace, love and hope, with depictions of flowers and bright colors. “The artist wanted to show how music and art are part of Asian culture,” Giordano said. “It also shows that music and art bring peace and happiness to people.”

The piano arrived on Friday, June 5 and was placed near the comfort station of the park. It will make its exit on Sunday, June 21 when it will be donated to the Sunset Park Recreational Center.

Participants are also encouraged to document their musical experience. “They ask that if you are performing on the piano, to take selfie picture as you are performing or take a video and send it to Sing for Hope to help them generate more interest,” she said.

The reception for the temporary addition has always been positive, according to Giordano. “So far, it’s been very good for the community,” she said. “This year, people seem more excited about it. We couldn’t wait to do it again. It’s just a nice thing for the kids. Anyone can use it and have fun with it.”

According to Giordano, there is also a possibility that Zi Zi, who painted the piano and is a musician, may go to the park and perform on it.

For more information on Sing for Hope, visit www. and

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