Weekend fire fills Brooklyn hospital with smoke

New York Methodist Hospital of Park Slope is still recovering from a two-alarm basement fire that forced patients out of their beds and all visitors out of the building on Saturday, June 6.

According to hospital reps, the fire – which began at approximately 11:15 a.m. in a Carrington Pavilion trash chute – was set off by soldering done during a necessary repair of the chute.

While the fire was immediately contained, reps say, smoke traveled up and down the chute, spreading to the upper floors of the nine-story building. Though no patients were evacuated, those in smoke-filled areas were temporarily escorted to safe zones and, following approval of the Fire Department, were returned to their assigned rooms.

Smoke and water damage to the buildings was still being assessed as of Saturday afternoon, and additional staff members were employed to inpatient units to ensure safety.

The hospital’s Department of Facilities anticipates that building repairs will take several days.

New York Methodist Hospital is located at 506 Sixth Street.

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