Generally Speaking: What’s happening with the Bay Ridge Avenue Bridge?

It’s absolutely amazing how long it’s taking to complete the rehab of the Bay Ridge Avenue Bridge which spans the Belt Parkway at the foot of Shore Road and Bay Ridge Avenue.

The under-croft of the bridge also serves as a vehicle entranceway to the American Veterans Memorial Pier (69th Street Pier) and the Owl’s Head Water Treatment Plant, as well as to the walkway and bike path along the Shore Road Promenade.

We wrote back in March of 2013 about the serious deterioration of this bridge, and that the New York City Department of Transportation was seeking bids to widen the traffic lanes, raise the height of the bridge and do some extensive structural repairs.

BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Ted General
BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Ted General

This week, we returned to the bridge site to find major construction is still underway and the bridge area is cluttered with large chunks of concrete and other debris that should have been removed. Actually, it’s a pretty messy site!

A sign posted near a construction trailer reads the project will be completed by November, 2015. We can only hope!

* * *

This past week, the city lost a strong advocate and supporter of military veterans, Brooklyn native and U.S. Army Vietnam veteran Pat Gualtieri. He served as executive director of the United War Veterans Council of New York, and was the godfather for the revitalized annual New York City Veterans Day Parade.

Not only did Pat’s council promote and coordinate what has become the nation’s largest Veterans’ Day parade, he also via his web site and an on-line newsletter promoted several veterans’ events such as Brooklyn’s annual Memorial Day Parade, New York City Fleet Week and Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day ceremonies. Our deepest sympathy to his family and his life partner Molly Levi.

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