Historic New Utrecht Church parish hall doubles as performance venue

Move over Barclays.

Bensonhurst’s own New Utrecht Reformed Church’s Parish Hall has opened its doors and raised a metaphorical curtain for the performing arts.

The revamped Parish Hall, built in the 1800s, is equipped with a large stage, excellent acoustics, and seating for 100 people, according to Reverend E.J. Emerson.

“The reason it’s so great is because it’s a historical place and it’s easily accessible,” said Emerson. “It’s a great venue for concerts. In fact, we host [many] concerts there. It’s a great place for theatre and to do public readings.”

According to Emerson, the Parish Hall has also been a longtime venue for the Friends of Historic New Utrecht—a group whose mission is to “perpetuate the historical and cultural contributions of the neighborhood through education, preservation and restoration.”

The New Utrecht Reformed Church is located on 18th Avenue between 84th & 83rd Streets. For more information or to arrange a visit, call Debbie Siciargo at 718-256-5035.

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