Royals reign as Little League champions

The 68th Precinct Youth Council’s Royal Blue Team has become the Farm League World Series Champions. The team went 15-2 on the season and remained undefeated throughout the playoffs and the World Series, bringing home their second championship.

Tommy “the Hit Man” Sfraga and Joey “Papito” Badyna were chosen as co-MVPs of the league. Along with the help of fellow All- Stars Demetri “Man Child” Howard and Johnny “Big John” Disponzio, the Royals were led to World Series glory with stellar performances that left spectators speechless.

Badyna shut down all opposing batters in the final three innings of the championship game. His performance at the plate was no different, knocking in runs with home runs that sometimes bounced off the concession stands in deep left field.

In game one, Sfraga hit for the cycle and then closed out the game on the mound for the win. In game two, he compiled eight stolen bases and numerous RBIs.

Disponzio was another player who had a great showing in the championship; starting both games and giving up only three total runs, he proved to be a leader on and off the field.

Howard had an extraordinary season and series, leading the Royals behind the plate and with his efforts at bat, hitting doubles and triples and constantly moving runners home.

Coach Tommy Sfraga, Sr. has this to say. “I always tell the kids that, baseball is something you do. It’s not who you are. If you swing and miss, ground out, drop a ball… it means nothing as long as you learn from it and always be there for each other.

That’s what this championship was about, being there for each other. These kids worked hard for it and they deserve it.

“Thank you to my coaching staff Anthony Tedesco, Steve Delgado, Lenny Lynch, Brian Howard and Alex Howard,” Sfraga went on. “These guys were there for us every step of the way; we’re nothing without them. So, congratulations to the Royals on winning their incredible championship season let the World Series Banner wave proudly because, like Coach Brian Howard says, ‘That banner never comes down!’”

The 68th Precinct Youth Council’s Maroon Team came in in second place.

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