St. Patrick’s Dodgers take division championships once again

For the third year in a row, the St Patrick’s Boys Junior Varsity (BJV) Dodgers have taken the St. Anselm league division championships.

The team, which consists of boys and girls in the fifth and sixth grade, defeated the St. Anselm Tigers 4-3 on June 14 to become Division A champions. The game was played at St. Patrick’s field at Shore Road and 97th Street

Coaches Denise Alexander, John Alexander and Roger Erichsen led the team through its first ever undefeated season.

“It really was amazing, especially considering they’re fifth and sixth graders,” said Alexander, who has coached baseball for three years and softball for seven years. “They’ve really matured from last year. They’re great players.”

In the previous two seasons, the team won the Division B Championships. Next year, the team will go on to play in the varsity division.

“Hopefully I can keep most of the team intact,” said Alexander. “Even though they go to different schools, they’ve become great friends.”

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