Mayor’s Management Report released, city agencies evaluated

The grades are in.

The city’s overall performance across multiple city agencies has once again been documented in the Mayor’s Management Report (MMR), and, on the report card for fiscal year 2015: decreases in major felony crime, traffic fatalities and police misconduct complaint along with increases in immigration assistance for undocumented youth and small businesses.

“The MMR highlights the full breadth of what we do toward building one just and equitable city for all New Yorkers,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “It reveals in granular detail what is involved in the work of governing, and the efforts underway toward accomplishing the goals of this administration—with an inclusive, equitable approach to meeting the needs of all New Yorkers.”

The report, released on Tuesday, September 17, takes an in-depth look at the performance of city agencies from July1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. According to the mayor’s office, the MMR is mandated by the City Charter and measures whether these agencies are delivering services “efficiently, effectively and expeditiously.”

According to the report, major felony crime decreased 5.6 percent—down by 6,151 cases. Major felony crime in the city’s public schools also decreased from 654 to 614 (6.1 percent). Civilian fire fatalities decreased a whopping 32.1 percent, taking the number of cases down from 81 to 55.

Perhaps due to the implementation of Vision Zero, the mayor’s plan to make streets safe for pedestrians and motorists, overall traffic fatalities decreased 12.6 percent (from 285 to 249); Motorist deaths decreased 38.7 percent (from 93 to 57) and pedestrian deaths decreased 9.5 percent (from 158 to 143).

Additionally, immigration assistance for undocumented youths increased from 5,422 to 7,058, a 30.2 percent spike, and 95 percent of New York City restaurants scored an “A” inspection grade—up from 90 percent in FY14, making this the highest number of “A” grades in the city since letter grading was implanted.

“Effective government performance must take into account the fair delivery and quality of services across the locations and populations of our city,” said the city’s Operations Director Mindy Tarlow. “The MMR’s focus on equity continues to evolve as agencies advance their work and launch new programs and initiatives that create a New York that is fair and accessible to all who live here.”

“From decreases in major felony crimes and traffic and fire fatalities to increases in assistance to small businesses and undocumented youths, we’re proud to see improved performance across the board,” de Blasio said.

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