Brooklynites ‘Reaching Out’ to fight against hunger in community

Dedicated Brooklynites put their best feet forward to “take hunger off the table” in Bensonhurst, as part of the annual Walk Against Hunger along 18th Avenue.

The event was held on Saturday, October 3, in support of Reaching-Out Community Services, a not-for-profit organization that runs a food pantry on New Utrecht Avenue near 77th Street that strives to help its neighbors in need.

Despite the overcast skies, the walk started at 11 a.m. from Milestone Park, with participants making a round trip back to the park carrying signs that made their mission clear.

Executive Director of Reaching-Out Tom Neve noted, “Although the weather was unfavorable I was pleased with the outcome.”

Neve described his goal for this walk as two-fold. “The first main goal was to showcase the silent shame of hunger in our community and to bring awareness to our surrounding communities,” he stressed. In addition, he said, “The second goal was to do some fundraising to help keep [Reaching-Out’s] lights on.”

Although Neve is grateful for all the support and funds raised at Saturday’s event, he knows that there is always more room for a helping hand.

Looking ahead, Neve said, Reaching-Out is gearing up for its Operation Gobbler Giving 2015, to help support hundreds of families during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday by providing a turkey and the trimmings. Some vouchers have already been given out to families who attended Saturday’s event.

To ensure that as many families can enjoy the holiday as possible, Reaching-Out is asking for the community’s help. For more information or to donate, go to

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