Saint Anselm Catholic Academy walks ‘4’ education

One small step for students; one large step for Saint Anselm Catholic Academy.

The Pre-K-8 school, attached to Saint Anselm parish at 365 83rd Street, celebrated its 23rd annual Walk 4 Education walkathon on Friday, October 9 – a fundraiser that, school leadership says, benefits both the students and the academy each year.

“We have so much going on here at Saint Anselm Catholic Academy,” lauded James McHugh, chairman of the school’s board of directors, “and this is a testament to that.

“It’s just a great event for the kids,” McHugh went on, “and you can see just how many parents give up their days to support the school.”

As always, the younger kids walked just a few blocks with parent chaperones while the older grades got to march all the way to Shore Road. The school-wide stride kicked off in the gym and headed outside amidst overcast weather just past 9 a.m.

Liam McCabe, representing Congressmember Daniel Donovan, greeted students at the kick-off, while John Quaglione, there as both vice chair of the board and a representative for State Senator Marty Golden, met students down on Shore Road.

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