Beep invites public school students to explore coding through new initiative

Borough President Eric Adams celebrated the launch of Code Brooklyn — a hands-on initiative he says will give every public school student in the borough the opportunity to learn how to code — on Monday, November 2.

“Our future is being written in zeroes and ones, and coding will help our young people write that future while adding several zeroes to the ends of their salaries,” said Adams from the library of P.S./M.S. 282, the Park Slope School. “Code Brooklyn is a call to action for improving access to the job training and education necessary to compete in our 21st century economy. We need our students to be prepared to secure the jobs of today and tomorrow, as well as to grow from the quantitative and creative skills that come from exposure to computer science and coding.”

The Beep’s five-point plan includes a call for every district school in the borough to participate in the Hour of Code — a global effort in over 180 countries to help “demystify coding” — during Computer Science Education Week this December, as well as an analysis of the infrastructure needs in Brooklyn schools pertaining to their ability to support computer science programming, including the availability of STEM labs, smartboards, Wi-Fi capability and more.

Those results, Adams said, will help determine future funding.

“What starts as just one hour of code has the potential to shape a young mind, open up a lifetime of possibilities, and build New York’s future,” said Minerva Tantoco, chief technology officer for the City of New York. “We couldn’t be more pleased that Borough President Adams has joined Mayor de Blasio in pushing for computer science in all our public schools – a key part of Mayor de Blasio’s vision for making New York City the most tech-friendly, innovative and equitable city in the world.”

Over 200 schools in the district have already agreed to take part in the program.


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