PYO Falcons outscore PYO Broncos 18 to 6

Parkville’s Major Division Falcons opened their confrontation with the PYO Broncos with a slick, razzle-dazzle play that put six points on their side of the boards. Robert “Sure Thing” Knapp took the snap then tossed it to Jadin “Ice Man” Goodman who found William Soued open down field and hit him with a classic spiral. Soued made the catch and charged for the end zone to draw first blood.

Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere
Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere

The Broncos tried to retaliate but Alphonse “Meat Grinder” Russo stopped them dead in their tracks. When the Falcons has control of the ball, it was Elijah “Pit Bull” Challenger that put an end to their advance. The Broncos lost their possession when Dylan “Postman” Bove made a classic interception and the Falcons made good on their fortune with a Knapp touchdown. “Sure Thing” fought his way to the 10-yard line to pay dirt and Vincent “The Enforcer” Delgatto kicked for the extra point. The Broncos took possession but lost it to the Falcons who scored a safety. The half ended 16-zip Falcons.

The Falcons scored another safety early in the third quarter and the Broncos finally hit the boards. Quarterback David Nisbet handed off to Challenger and he muscled his way to golden soil. The clock ran out and the Falcons sat on the 18 to 6 victory.

Everyone gave 100 percent but some rose to the occasion and are worthy of mentioning. Russo, Joseph Seykora, Angelo “Smok’n” Gonzalez and Robert “Sun Dance” Ferraioli of the Falcons and Soloman “The Warrior” Mercado, Salvatore Napoli and Challenger of the Broncos were awesome and gave outstanding performances.

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