Sheepshead Nursing and Rehabilitation Center celebrates new facility

Highlighting a rehab center that goes the extra mile, Sheepshead Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 2840 Knapp Street, showed off its latest digs, located on its sixth floor, during its Community and Health Care Leadership Dinner and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Wednesday, November 4.

Employees of the center were joined by local dignitaries, FDNY and NYPD to help celebrate the evening.

In addition to dinner and live musical performances, the event featured a look at the facility’s unique areas where patients can rehabilitate. Rather than standard exercise machines and gym fare, the facility includes unique areas such as a mock grocery store for patients to reach items, along with a mock bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a car where they can practice entering and exiting the vehicle.

For those who long for the outdoors, the area also features a mini-golf course and a dock where patients can enjoy walking up a ramp to a restored rescue boat from Vermont.

IMG_0771“Our motto is patients should enjoy what they’re doing,” explained Administrator and COO of the rehab center, Jerome Kahan. “For patients who just had a hip fracture which is painful, instead of going on a treadmill, let’s give them an environment where they can go off to a boat, walk near the pier and, since it has an incline, it gives them exactly what they would get on a treadmill, but they’re enjoying themselves. Along with the car and golf course, we offer great comfort and things they can enjoy that will help them go home with their highest function.”

“Every time I see people come and get joy seeing some of the  innovations that are going on, I start to think way back to when I was a little girl in a concentration camp. I always hoped that one day I would help mankind and would never see anyone be abused or not taken care of,” added owner Olga Lipschitz, who was also honored at the event.

State Senator Marty Golden said how impressed he was with the facility. “It looks like you’re walking into a Marriott and that’s what’s important, when you have that feeling that you’re walking into a comfortable setting,” he said before giving out certificates of merit to staffers.

“It’s a very interesting facility,” added Assemblymember Helene Weinstein. “The renovations are state-of-the-art, occupational facilities. Because it’s in Sheepshead Bay, it wouldn’t be complete without a boat .”

In addition to celebrating the new state-of-the-art facility which took a year to complete, Sheepshead Nursing also honored cops and firefighters.

“Policemen and firefighters have something in common with us. It’s one word that connects us all, and that is care,” added Lipschitz. “They would never be in that kind of work if they didn’t have that word in their head. They care for their fellow men and women. And in health care, the most important word is care.”

Captain Jason Hagestad of the 61st Precinct and FDNY Captain Patrick Flynn of Station 43 were given awards for their services.

“I once worked at a nursing house,” said Hagestad. “My grandmother had Alzheimer’s so this is a special moment, and I’m proud you had me here.”


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