Unsung Bay Ridge: Going above and beyond


I am always delighted when a Bay Ridge resident tells me of someone who deserves being highlighted in my column for exceptional community service. Such was the case for this week’s unsung hero. Antoine Andrews is a member of our community who delivers UPS packages and mail on a daily basis. His dedication to the customers he serves has become well known, and I have received calls telling me of the care and concern he shows when executing his duties.

For example, he was credited with saving the life of a 95-year-old lady whose cry he heard when delivering a package in her building. He summoned help and she was found on the floor unable to help herself. He takes packages from seniors and confirms delivery; children greet him as well with warm smiles, and adults are appreciative of the care he shows during his daily rounds.
He goes beyond the call of duty and it is highly appreciated in this community. Antoine spends his spare time caring for his daughter, Caitlin and son, Camryn. We are thankful for his service in our community.


A very special Happy Birthday to my good friend and neighbor, J. Peter Clavin. My wife and I join his wife Mary and his children in wishing him many more happy and healthy ones.

Happy 22nd wedding anniversary to Dr. Margo and Lloyd Berg, owners of customer-friendly Verrazano Vision. They are both leaders in the Merchants of Third Avenue organization. We wish them many more happy anniversaries.

UNSUNG FOLK REMEDIES: Essential Oils for healing

Many readers have probably used the old folk remedy of smelling peppermint oil to help clear clogged nasal passages, but essential oils have been used traditionally for other health purposes. If you decide to try these folk remedies, please purchase oils labeled organic, pure essential oil.

It is said that placing one drop of pure sage essential oil on a cotton bud and smelling it intermittently for no more than 15 to 30 minutes aids relaxation and lowers blood pressure. Rosemary oil is used to help focus and concentration during mentally demanding tasks. Orange oil is used to calm stress and help to uplift mood. Please do your research before starting this or any other regimen.

Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns, or are on any medication.

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