In PYO All-star Game, West Sweeps East 24 to 8

Everyone was tense with anticipation before the start of the major division all star rumble. The best of the best will go up against each other for Parkville bragging rights. The action began with Elijah “Pit Bull” Challenger receiving the punt and taking it five yards for the West. Robert “Pay Dirt” Lay took up the pace for 15 yards and Jason “Torpedo” Hockfeld continued the forward assault for 10 yards. This set up Jhomar Bennett for a touchdown run up the middle, putting the West on the sunny side of a six-zip ballgame.

Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere
Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere

The East had possession for a short time (one play) and fumbled the ball. Jonathan “Tombstone” Hockfeld made a huge recovery for the West. “Pit Bull” Challenger started the West’s trek down field with a first down that was confirmed with an official measurement. This set up Alex Katten for a three-point field goal. Again the East blew it when the West scored a safety, giving them an impressive 11-zip advantage and the first quarter was over.

The second quarter opened with the West moving the ball meticulously down field to be in field goal range. Two first downs by Lay and one by “Pit Bull” gave the West the opportunity to kick a field goal but they didn’t count on Alphonse “Meat Grinder” Russo to be at the right place at the right time to deflect the attempt.

The East took to the air to move the ball and failed on their first try. On their second attempt, Katten was on the scene for a slick interception. The West capitalized on their fortune with a Bennett swipe to the left to score the second West touchdown of the game to make it 17-zip, West.

On the first play of the East possession, Daniel Bone Breaker” Dasaro got credit with a major sack. Robert “Sure Thing” Knapp did connect with Joshua Vega for a 20-yard pass but the East effort to reach golden soil failed.

The opening of the second half was successful for the East. Two first downs by Ryan O’Connor, one by Knapp and a pass by Knapp to William Soued gave him a shot at scoring the first East TD. Then Vincent “The Enforcer” Delgatto put his talents to work for a two-point kick. The scoreboard lit up 11 to 8, West. That was just what the East needed to fire them up.

The West had a taste of their fury by trying to move the ball.”Torpedo” Hockfeld got pounded by O’Connor. Then, Joseph DeSaro experienced a “Meat grinder” Russo tackle. Ouch! The West possession was ended abruptly by a Jadin “Ice Man” Goodman interception. The East fumbled on their first play and Emir Bojescu made the recovery. The West came up a dollar short and a day later and fumbled after two first-down runs.

The East began to move down field with more determination and Jadin “Ice Man” Goodman carrying for 15 yards. Then, things got sour fast. Quarterback Knapp was slammed by Jonathan “Tombstone” Hockfeld and Bojescu. On Knapp’s next play, Hockfeld and Bojescu did it again. East was forced to punt and the West cashed in for six points. Katten nailed it again for the extra two points and the score tallied 25 to 8, West.

The East was successful advancing down field with Jadin “Ice Man” Goodman and “Sure Thing” Knapp. Things were looking good and then the lights went out in Georgia. Lay made a big interception and put the kibosh on the momentum.

The West quickly fumbled and Joseph Seykora recovered for the East. Knapp ran for 10 yards and was stopped by Angelo Kushetto and Desaro. The coup de grace came when Katten made a classic pass interception. The West went home with the bacon and the 25-to-8 victory.

The Peewee Division game ended in an 18-all tie with outstanding performances by Robert Navarro, Jayden Steward, Edgar Quintero, Samuel Frank, Thomas Robert Fegan, Husnain Sandhu, Gabe Richardson and Nico Viscoso.


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