Pay-by-phone option coming to New York City parking meters

Parking is about to get a little easier, and a little more modern.

By the end of this year, New Yorkers will be able to pay for all 85,000 metered parking spaces across the city with their cell phone, announced Mayor Bill de Blasio ahead of his State of the City address Thursday evening.

The upgrade will enable drivers to park without having to get out of their cars and go over to the nearest meter to pay and print out a receipt, and will be enforced via the New York City Police Department’s new tablet devices. These devices, de Blasio said, will allow traffic enforcement agents to determine whether or not a parked car is paid up.

Furthermore, the upgrade will credit drivers for unused time.

“No more fumbling for change or scrambling to the meter to beat a ticket,” said the mayor ahead of the announcement, stressing also that there is no budget impact from this proposal. “This is a 21st century upgrade that is going to make parking a lot more convenient.”

“Pay-by-cell offers New York drivers greater customer convenience and quality of life,” agreed Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg. “This more efficient payment system also allows motorists to pay for only the time they use.”

For those without a smart phone, Muni-Meters will continue to accept coins, New York City Parking Cards and credit cards.

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