Despite rumors, Rex Manor Catering Hall is here to stay

The Rex Manor Catering Hall, a fixture in the community, is here to stay.

Despite rumors that the popular venue, 1100 60th Street, which has been around for 82 years, had been sold, Rex’s current owners — Chris Markakis, John Kafkalaf and Steve Valavakis — have set the record straight, letting the community know that the venue remains open for business to host parties and events.

“There are rumors going around saying the Rex Manor is closed. That’s not true and we want to make sure that people know it’s not sold,” said Markakis, who added that current management, which has owned the Rex Manor for 31 years, has no plans to sell.

According to the owners, the confusion among community members regarding the sale may have started with the owners selling another building they owned near the catering hall. “We sold a building that belonged to the Rex Manor and people thought we sold the hall. That was the mix up,” said Valavakis. The building sold was on the same block.

“We’ve never attempted to sell the Rex Manor catering hall,” said Markakis.

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