National Grid reminds New Yorkers to prepare for Daylight Savings Time

National Grid is urging all New Yorkers to change the batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when they change their clocks for Daylight Saving Time, which goes into effect on Sunday, March 13 at 2 a.m.

“The safety of our customers is the top priority for National Grid,” said Ken Daly, president of National Grid in New York. “Take proper safety precautions now to make sure you and your family are safe from the potentially deadly effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.”

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible, odorless gas that can be deadly if left undetected. When fuels such as natural gas, butane, propane, wood, coal, heating oil, kerosene, and gasoline don’t burn completely, they can release carbon monoxide into the air. Common sources of carbon monoxide include malfunctioning forced-air furnaces, kerosene space heaters, natural gas ranges, wood stoves, water heaters, fireplaces and motor vehicle engines.

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