Ridgeites react to coming closure of Yellowhook Grille

After almost a decade on Third Avenue, Bay Ridge’s own Yellowhook Grille will close for good this coming weekend.

According to a post on the bar and restaurant’s Facebook page, Saturday, April 2 will be its last day of business.

“During this time, we developed great relationships with many of you and we will always be thankful for your support,” said management in a social media post announcing the closure. “Please stop by throughout the week so that we can properly say our goodbyes to each and every one of you.”

Named after the neighborhood’s original moniker, Yellowhook Grille — located at 7003 Third Avenue — has served for nine years as a cornerstone eatery with one of the largest outdoor seating sections in all of the Ridge. The establishment took the place of the historic Lento’s, a 72-year-old pizzeria that shut its doors in January, 2006.

Local residents were quick to mourn the loss of yet another Bay Ridge staple.

“Mom-and-pops like the Yellowhook Grille are the backbone not only of our neighborhood but of the city itself,” said lifelong Ridgeite Justin Brannan. “Without small, independent, family-owned businesses, New York City may as well be Anytown, USA. So it’s never fun to see a small business throw in the towel but for almost a decade, the Yellowhook Grille really showed us all how it’s done.”

According to Brannan, the jolly joint did more than just pour pints.

“They didn’t just take from the community, they gave back, tenfold,” he said. “From the moment they first opened, they were part of the fabric of Bay Ridge.”

Brannan recalled specifically a time when – after Superstorm Sandy shook South Brooklyn and other parts of the East Coast – owners Robert Long and Steve Jackson had members of the New York Rangers in to guest-bartend as a means of raising money for those in need.

“That’s what it’s all about, and that’s what Yellowhook was all about,” Brannan said.

BrooklynONE Founder Anthony Marino agreed.

“It’s always so sad to see a restaurant go in Bay Ridge,” he told this paper. “With Yellowhook Grille it’s especially sad because this establishment cared so much about its community.”

In its years on the strip, the cornerstone has lent its hand as host to events run by Marino’s group, as well as other local organizations like Frankie’s Mission, the Ridge Chorale and more.

“They’ll truly be missed,” said Marino, sending thanks to the owners and well wishes for a successful future.

“Obviously we’re sad to see them close and we certainly wish them well with their next venture,” added Merchants of Third Avenue President Bob Howe, “but I think we have to congratulate them for having made a major investment on Third Avenue and in the Bay Ridge community.”

That investment, Howe said, did more than just help Yellowhook flourish.

“That obviously really helped to stabilize, to anchor and to reinvigorate the blocks surrounding their business,” he explained, “and we have to give them credit for being hard workers and, at the same time, being involved and being charitable to the neighborhood – that’s what will be missed.”

In light of its closure, management promises specials to be posted throughout the week as well as one final farewell this weekend.

They also promise a plentiful “Last Call.”

“Most importantly, once again, thank you for the years of patronage and support,” continued management on Facebook. “We couldn’t have done it without you!”

That feeling of gratitude, residents say, is mutual.

“Cheers to Rob and Steve and everyone from Yellowhook,” said Brannan. “Thanks for showing future bar owners how it’s done.”

Owners declined to comment further on the closure.

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