Rock band Boston to play new Coney amphitheater this summer

Boston is coming to Brooklyn.

According to its website, the American rock band – perhaps best known for its 1976 hit, “More Than a Feeling” – will be bringing its 40th Anniversary Tour to the long-awaited Coney Island Amphitheater this summer.

While no official lineup for the new 5,000-seat open-air venue has been announced, acts themselves have started to promote shows at the new concert space (The Impractical Jokers, for example, have announced that they will bring their “Santiago Sent Us” Tour to the Boardwalk on Friday, July 1).

In December 2013, a special permit was approved for the site of the new amphitheater, which incorporates the Boardwalk’s landmarked Child’s building—built in 1923—allowing it a 10-year term with a maximum seat capacity of 5,099.

The historic Child’s building will house the stage and include 50-foot tall doors that will open to the Amphitheater during the summer and will be able to serve the inside of the building during the winter months.

Boston will take the stage at the Coney Island Amphitheater on Wednesday, August 10 at 6 p.m. Tickets have not yet been posted to Ticketmaster – the owner of LiveNation, which is the company behind the venue’s booking – for purchase.

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