Spirit Days emphasize sense of unity at Adelphi

Students and staff can showcase their creativity and school spirit each year through five special dress-down events at Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn, through its popular Spirit Day program.

Following three highly successful events — Disney Day, Crazy Hat Day and Pajama Day – the entire Adelphi community came together for Brown & Gold Day on Friday, March 11, when students and teachers dressed in the historic academy’s official school colors to show unity and pride. The result was powerful, according to Adelphi’s Head of School Iphigenia Romanos.

“To see the hallways filled with students, faculty and staff dressed in Adelphi colors made a powerful statement about the sense of unity that exists here,” Romanos said. “We want our students to be comfortable once they step inside this building, to think of Adelphi as a second home. The ‘Spirit Days’ not only promote school spirit and pride in our school, but they promote diversity, understanding, tolerance and community.”

Just a few weeks later, creativity was on full display for the much-anticipated Mismatch Day, held on Friday, April 8. The event served as a chance for students and staff to express themselves with the most colorfully mismatched outfits they could imagine.

Students of every grade level, from Adelphi’s Little Schoolers (two-year-old program) to its college-bound Senior Class, were invited and encouraged to come to school dressed in different-colored socks, different shoes, shorts worn over pants, multiple neckties and different-colored hair clips.

“Self-expression is an important part of each student’s development and ‘Mismatch Day’ allows students to express themselves without judgment by wearing the most outrageously mismatched clothing they can find and to have fun while doing it,” Romanos said. “Adelphi is unique, multicultural and nondenominational, and students here learn the importance of acceptance of all cultures, beliefs and values. ‘Mismatch Day’ is a fun reminder that no matter how we look or dress and despite our differences, we are all part of the same nurturing community — the Adelphi community.”

Photo courtesy of Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn

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