Bay Ridge Prep’s literary magazine hosts writing contest

Bay Ridge Prep’s Literary Magazine, “Melted Crayons,” held its first writing contest with fifth grade students from throughout Brooklyn able to submit a realistic fiction story to the magazine. Out of the 35 entries, there were six winners, who were awarded at a reception held by Bay Ridge Prep at the school on the morning of Saturday, June 11.

This is the second year that Bay Ridge Prep is publishing its literary magazine, which is largely coordinated by the middle school students themselves.

Seven middle schoolers were chosen to be on the editorial board and voluntarily took time out of their lunch and recess hours to read submissions and judge the winning stories as a team.

They even reached out to a marketing director and a special events director, and learned how to write a press release on their own, according to Kate George, director of the lower school.

“It was really fun, but also hard because there were a lot of stories,” said Bridget Villamarin, editorial board member. “Some writers were really good, and I learned how to incorporate their writing style into my own.”

The winners received book jackets for their stories, illustrated by Bay Ridge Prep students, and an anthology of all the winning stories. The first place winner, P.S. 321 fifth grader Sarah Storace Nelson, also won $100.

Nelson snagged the top prize with her untitled story about a girl who meets her father for the first time since he’s come home from the Navy. This story had made the biggest impression on the editorial board, according to George.

“I never made stories for people to read, so this experience helped me become a better writer,” said Nelson.
“Melted Crayons” will be published in the fall of 2016.

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