Brooklyn teachers lauded for hard work

For the 15th year, State Senator Marty Golden has recognized public school teachers throughout Districts 20, 21 and 22 for their hard work and accomplishments through the past school year during an award ceremony held on Monday, June 20 at New Utrecht High School.

Teachers were nominated by colleagues at their respective schools, based on their dedication, innovation and ability to collaborative and be a team player.

“This goes to show how much teachers are respected and appreciated by the community, and this award recognizes that teachers care and are appreciated,” said Lynette Azel, one of last year’s winners and an ESL teacher at P.S. 180. “We’re truly grateful for these teachers.”

Golden awarded the teachers himself after congratulating them and offering some kind words.

“You do the greatest service of anyone. You help shape the future leaders of our city, our state and our nation,” Golden told the awardees. “The students of districts 20, 21 and 22 will one day lead our communities, and with your influence, you guys are owed that credit. You have made a real change in this great city.”

“These teachers are why our districts are some of the best, and they truly contribute to our community,” said John Quaglione, Golden’s deputy chief of staff.

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