P.S. 160 students are featured in arts festival

The 2016 Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival Visual Arts Exhibition includes the artwork of three students from P.S. 160. Still Life with Cross Hatching by Jessie Huang, Grade 5; Fish in the Cave by Tao Liu, Grade 4; and The Walking Elephant by Jethro Liu, Grade 2; will be displayed in Brooklyn Borough Hall from May 27 through June 3.

The students worked under the direction of art teacher Janet Penello, who commented that her talented students came up with their own visions for their artwork. Student Tao Liu is excited that people will have the opportunity to see his work.

In a school where English is not the first language for 68 percent of the students, art gives the students an opportunity to express themselves.

* * *

The music program at St. Edmund Prep High School continues to flourish. The SEP Stringed Ensemble made its debut this year during the school’s annual spring concert. Concerts have also showcased the school’s Big Band, Symphonic Orchestra and Latin Jazz Ensemble.

The SEP Big Band performed at the 43rd Annual International Food Festival in NYC on May 15. The band played on the 55th Street stage to entertain all those who attended the festival.

Most students join the SEP band without prior experience. However, by the end of their first year, they are playing difficult musical pieces to large audiences.

This year, SEP students also performed at El Caribe Country Club during the school’s Emmaus Society gala dinner.

All performances and concerts were directed by Joseph Gucciardi, SEP music teacher and band director.

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The Travel Study class at St. Edmund Prep High School recently returned from a 10-day trip to Spain and Italy. A group of 74 students, faculty and staff members took a tour of Madrid, Barcelona, Pisa, Florence, Assisi and Rome.

The number of students who participate in the Travel Study program has grown over the years. It is one of the many school programs that allow students to experience other cultures and foster new friendships.

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