Family and friends come together to celebrate at 88th Brigade barbecue

A summer celebration held in support of the military featured food, music and fun on Sunday, July 17.

Around 130 attendees celebrated at the 88th Brigade, NY Guard Family Day & Barbecue at Fort Hamilton.

“One of the primary purposes of the event is for the 88th brigade soldiers who volunteer their time,” said Sergeant John Berger. “It is to show our appreciation for what they do throughout the year.

The 88th Brigade performs various military training operations throughout the year, including the Military Emergency Radio Network, as well as participating in historic parades throughout the city, such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

“The secondary purpose was to perform the change of command ceremony,” said Berger. “The change of command is where one colonel hands over the command to the incoming colonel at the 88th Brigade.

The event, which included grilled goods, wine, soda, pasta and salad, also saw the retirement of several soldiers.

“We thank the community for their help and support in making it a successful day,” said Berger. “We would also like to thank DJ J Paul for his music, and retired NYPD tenor Danny Rodriguez.

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