Throwback Thursday: A brief history of Fort Hamilton High School

Even back in 1946, when Fort Hamilton High School had been open just five years, crowding was an issue at the Bay Ridge school, the only public high school in the neighborhood to admit boys. Now, as the venerable institution approaches its 75th birthday, multiple sessions are a way of life, as the school currently accommodates 4,674 students.

In this article from the Friday, November 29, 1946 issue of The Spectator, readers are reassured that a single session would be maintained at the school. They were also given a little history lesson. According to the article, preparations were well underway for the dedication of the building in December, 1941 when the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred. “Instantly,” then-Principal Augustus Ludwig told The Spectator, “all plans were scrapped.”

The article goes on to note that many Fort Hamilton grads enlisted in the U.S. armed forces, and that five were killed during World War II.

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