Salam Arabic Lutheran Church hopes to build bridges with funds from annual gala

It’s a cause for celebration for one local church.

An annual fundraiser gala for the Salam Arabic Lutheran Church raised $65,000 on Saturday, November 5.

Approximately 230 people attended the dinner, which began at 7 p.m. Last year, the church raised about $68,000.

“It was very successful,” said Reverend Khader El-Yateem. “The beautiful thing about it is the gathering of community leaders and organizations to raise funds and build bridges in the Bay Ridge community.”

The funds raised will go towards youth programs, assisting new immigrants and ESL immigration services. In addition, the money will be used to hold events and invite members of the community to engage in conversations on working together in the community, according to El-Yateem.

“The theme for this year was unity and peace,” he said. “I was so happy to see our Jewish friends and Muslim friends to have come and join us and participate in our event.”

The church is located at 414 80th Street.

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