Brooklyn Education: Local students are confirmed at St. Ephrem Church

One hundred and ten students received the sacrament of Confirmation at St. Ephrem Church on October 1. The eighth graders came together from different schools and programs, including St. Ephrem School, Xaverian’s Genesis Program and the Religious Education/Faith Formation Program.

The students gathered for several Sunday morning classes at St. Ephrem School in preparation for receiving Confirmation. Their preparation included community service. Each student also chose the name of a saint as his or her Confirmation name and wrote a biography about that saint in order to understand the life of religious service better. They participated in a Confirmation retreat and wrote a letter to the bishop explaining why they wanted to receive Confirmation and what their preparation had taught them.

During his homily, the Most Reverend Raymond Chappetto, auxiliary bishop of Brooklyn, spoke to the Confirmation candidates who had their sponsors by their sides. He emphasized the importance of heroes whose examples the students can follow. The sponsors were chosen by the candidates and are living examples of faith for them.

As newly confirmed members of the parish, the students will continue to serve others and live their lives in faith.

* * *

On October 20, students in the Entrepreneurship class at Fontbonne Hall Academy attended the Third Annual Women’s Entrepreneur Forum at St. Francis College. The students had the opportunity to hear from leading New York City businesswomen who spoke about their start-up companies. They were also able to ask questions and interact with the panel.

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